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Atlas Paving is your one stop shop for pavers in Perth. We have a large range of the latest pavers for all types of public spaces and residential and commercial environments. We service the Perth Metro area, selling directly to the public and to trade customers.

Atlas Paving is also able to cater to commercial clients who may require outdoor flooring solutions on a larger scale. Our commercial paving range includes all of the styles and colours that are available in our concrete paving range, plus a few extra options for you to choose from in case those do not quite fit your needs.

These paving stones are of a high quality, as durable as the rest of our stock and are specifically designed to suit larger outdoor areas. We can make these pavers to order – so whatever area you need to cover, we can cover you (minimum quantities apply).

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is one of the most commonly used types of pavers. This paving works when implemented in high traffic areas due to its extreme durability and excellent range of looks. Exposed aggregate is the “builder’s choice” for quality and suitability in demanding environments. Consider your options for an exposed aggregate driveway and areas where exposed aggregate concrete paving can provide stylish access solutions.

Atlas Paving’s  exposed aggregate pavers are offered in an excellent range of styles and colours, slip resistance and in vogue style. We have the latest pavers in a range of nuanced tones which will blend with any modern home design. If you’re looking for top-quality pavers with excellent durability and nonslip surfaces for added safety, talk to us.

Exposed Aggregate Pavers – Tough, Long Lasting, and Dependable

In addition to attractive looks, exposed aggregate pavers deliver real value where it matters. These tough pavers are ideal for just about any environment. You can use them for your home surrounds, for patios, and all outdoor areas.

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Atlas Paving offers you classic beauty and style with our travertine paving stones. Ideal for outdoor flooring, pool paving and yard decoration, these are some of the most attractive paving stones on the market. They are constructed from reconstituted limestone and have a natural look and feel, but without the flaws and inconsistencies of purely natural stone. They also contain an aggregate stone, which makes them a stronger and longer lasting product for your yard.

These luxury pavers are available in two different colours so they’ll suit any pattern and style.

Cool in Summer

These pavers stay cool during those long, hot Perth summers – so they are ideal for your outdoor areas like your patio, swimming pool or outdoor dining area.

Atlas Paving can offer you a free quote on your new pavers. Contact our team to find out more.

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Coastal Creations

Our Coastal Creations range combines Italian style with the latest and greatest in German technology in order to create stylish, high-quality pavers at competitive prices.

These wet-cast paving stones are made of a number of materials. They are comprised of cement, aggregate, crushed limestone, colour oxides and a chemical that helps reduce efflorescence (a white, powder-like substance, which is salt).

Unlike other wet-cast stones, which can vary in thickness, the pavers in our Coastal Creations range have consistent thickness. This means our pavers provide the most even surface and are much less likely to chip.

The Benefits of Our Coastal Creations Range

These quality products are ideal for those who are seeking durable and long lasting limestone pavers that will also provide an additional aesthetic touch to their outdoor flooring areas. They are suitable for patios, other outdoor living spaces and for pool areas

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Concrete Pavers

Atlas Paving can offer you these sturdy pavers in three different styles. These durable outdoor floor coverings are ideal for high-traffic areas such as your driveway, patio or poolside.

Our paving stones are constructed to the highest standard of quality and are specifically designed to withstand fading when sealed – they truly stand the test of time. All of the products in our concrete range have a consistent colour, thickness and an even surface. This is to ensure that they look good as well as holding up to everyday wear and tear.

We’re proud of the quality of our concrete pavers and we often receive positive feedback from many of our satisfied Perth paving contractors.

Why Choose Concrete?

Aside from their durability and strength, concrete paving stones are ideal because they are affordable, and versatile. Their versatility comes from the fact that they are man-made.

Our wide range of available colours will also ensure that we can help you to match any design theme or palette that you choose. And if you have a theme that isn’t in our available range – we’ll colour them especially for you! (minimum quantities apply)

If you are in Perth and need outdoor flooring solutions, Atlas Paving has you covered. Contact us for a free quote.

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Special Offers

For more information about our products, ordering, or to discuss your needs, call us (08) 9249 1422 (Malaga), (08) 9300 1086 (Joondalup), or (08) 9455 5425 (Canningvale) for your local Atlas Paving Store. We’ll be happy to provide any support, guidance, or information you need.



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$380.00 per 1000 bricks

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Three 80

TH60 Specs: 380mm x 190mm x 60mm


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