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9 Tips for Creating that Beach House Feeling… at Home

Here are 9 easy ways you can bring summer to every season.

 1.   Plant Your Own Beach Forest

The most beautiful and relaxing beach retreats in Australia are generally surrounded by rainforest and palm trees, rather than fences or hedges. Make your yard the same – plant lush, tropical plants around the edge of your property and maybe pepper your yard with palm trees and ferns. This will not only lend it a beautiful beachy feel but as it grows your little personal forest will give you added privacy and a real coastal retreat vibe.

Inside your home, consider scattering some potted plants, succulents and terrariums. Not only will this fit the theme, it will be great for your air quality.

2. Let the Waters Flow

One of the most relaxing things about the beach is the crashing and receding of the waves. Of course, building a wave pool in your backyard probably isn’t feasible, but water features like fountains or miniature waterfalls can create a similarly relaxed feeling. Frame these with light coastal pavers to really enhance the tranquillity of your personal beach.

3.   Use Natural Stone

If you’re creating garden walls or outdoor paving, use natural stone. A path to your backyard pool made from limestone coastal pavers will make you feel like you’re wandering down to your own personal beach – you could even use a sand filling to add to the effect.

You can create a range of shapes, colours and patterns with paving, so try and match your interior design to this to create a consistent coastal feeling.

 4.   Wreathe Your Yard in Coastal Vines

Whether they’re wrapped around benches, archways, or fences, coastal vines add colour and authentic beach feel to your yard. Varieties that flower in bright colours will also add wonderful accents.

5.   Grow Orchids As Tropical Accents

Exotic and striking, orchids instantly transport a garden to the tropics, where they often grow on the sides of trees. Hang them in baskets from tree branches, and tuck potted orchids among green foliage throughout your home.

 6.   Beach Chairs – Simple and Effective

Adding beach chairs to your backyard is a simple and effective way to instantly create a coastal feeling, especially if you have a pool or water feature you can put them near. Pop some umbrellas over them for shade and you’ve created the perfect spot for a bit of beach reading, right in your backyard.

You can replicate this in your home with decorative seashells, surfboards, and other beachy décor.

 7.   Sandpits Aren’t Just for Kids

Use real beach sand and your imagination to create little paradise islands of sand in your backyard. Set up beach chairs there, or hang a hammock – plant some ferns or palm trees in the area to make it more authentic. With this little oasis, you can sunbathe and feel the sand between your toes.

 8.  Transform Your Garden Shed

Have an old garden shed you don’t use? Paint it white or pale blue and fill it with photos of the beach, some potted tropical plants, and some deckchairs – instant beach house charm!

 9.   Power of Illusion

If you have a wide, blank wall edging part of your backyard, consider covering it with a mural of the ocean of beach scenes – you’d be surprised by the mood it can create.

Setting the tone for your personal beach paradise is easy with the coastal creations pavers at Atlas Paving. Explore our range for yourself or begin your coastal adventure by giving us a call or requesting a free quote.