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Applying Sealers to Your Pavers: a How to Guide

Enhancing your outdoor area through a bit of DIY can be one of the most rewarding projects you ever undertake. From a brand new patio to a cool swimming pool, to outdoor entertainment and dining, there is a range of ways to renovate outdoors.

To keep your outdoor area in prime condition, there are a range of steps you need to take. If you have purchased and installed pavers in your home, you should seal them and sometimes reseal them for their ongoing protection. By doing this you’ll be able to enjoy your pavers and your outdoor space for years to come.

Why Use Sealant?

Said simply, sealing your pavers is the first step to a longer lasting product. Putting a top seal on your pavers will protect them against some spills and outdoor furniture, as well as salt damage caused by sea breeze or swimming pools.

Sealants are also a good way to protect against the wear and tear of everyday life, helping your pavers to last longer when exposed to bicycle tyres, footsteps, the weather and more.

What Sealant Should I Use?

The product you use for your pavers will depend on the type of paving stones that you have installed. From concrete pavers to limestone, every product is different.

As experts in all things pavers, our team can recommend the Spirit Sealer and Top Seal line of products for all your sealing needs.

Cleaning Your Pavers

Before you apply a sealant to your pavers it’s important that they’re completely clean. This includes removing any excess dusts, as well as addressing any stubborn stains that need removing. To clean your pavers you should:

  1. Clear all loose materials off your pavers
  2. Clean all dirty and mossy areas thoroughly
  3. Hose off all paving cement
  4. Apply a chemical mix and broom the area thoroughly to remove stubborn stains
  5. High pressure clean all paving, and repeat chemical application if required
  6. Do not let any traffic onto the area after cleaning, and wait until it dries to start sealing

Applying Your Sealant

Before applying your sealing product, check with an expert that your pavers won’t need a pre-seal. If you need to apply a pre-sealing product to your pavers, ensure you wait a further 24 hours before applying your sealant.

Once your pavers are clean, dry, and pre-sealed (if necessary), you can begin the sealing process. We recommend:

  • Applying your sealant with a roller – this will allow for consistent thickness across your pavers
  • Rolling in a north-south direction for your first coat
  • Applying the sealant in small sections

After this your pavers will need to be left to dry before applying a second coat. We recommend sealing your pavers on a warm day, when your first coat should dry in 2-3 hours. For your second coat you should:

  • Roll your sealant in an east-west direction
  • Apply the sealant in small sections

Aftercare Instructions

To ensure your sealant has finished applying you should avoid using your pavers. Assuming you have fine weather conditions, you should:

  • Wait 24 hours before allowing foot traffic on your pavers
  • Wait 3-4 days before allowing wheeled traffic on your pavers, or using them for storage purposes

For further information about sealing your pavers, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. For further advice about paver maintenance and care, contact the team at Atlas Paving. We are outdoor experts in Perth, stocking a wide selection of beautiful pavers for you.