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Backyard Renovations for Nature Lovers

Whether you live in the country or the city, a backyard that feels at one with nature can be a valuable and rejuvenating sanctuary. There is a delicate art to this, though. Simply letting your garden ‘go wild’ may be authentic, but it won’t make for a very comfortable or pleasant space. The trick is to create a garden that isn’t simply overgrown, but also isn’t sanitised and cut off from nature. Here are some tips for finding that lovely balance.

1. Think about Your Backyard’s Purpose

Spend some time working out what you want your backyard to offer to you and your guests. Will it be a communal space for dinner parties or barbecues, a place for quiet contemplation or reading, a botanical walkway for meditative strolls, or something else entirely? Deciding how you want to use the landscape will help you decide how to landscape and renovate your yard.

For example, if you want to sit with friends around a roaring fire, then you won’t want excessive foliage that could cause fire hazards. If your garden is a space for you to quietly ponder, perhaps winding paths of limestone pavers and hidden alcoves of trees and flowers are what you need.

 2. Forget Flat Lawns

If your yard has natural undulations, keep them. If it is flat, use your own skills or landscapers to create small hills and valleys in your lawn and garden beds. This will not only mimic nature, it will also catch rainfall and reduce the need for watering your lawn and plants.

 3. Moss is Your Friend

If you live in an area where moss tends to grow, embrace it. Something about mossy stones is very peaceful and moss tends to give a very natural, almost ancient, feel to garden features like ponds, stone pathways, and statues. Using landscaping materials like natural stone and ensuring plenty of moisture will encourage moss to grow – you can even track down moss starter kits if you’re feeling impatient.

 4. Choose Your Path Wisely

You can use pathways to influence the mood and feel of your backyard. A wide pathway invites a speedy pace and is well-suited as an entryway to a dining area.  A narrower, winding path between trees and gardens will encourage contemplation and a sense of connection with nature. It’s also important to choose the right materials for your paths – a concrete pavement, for example, will severely detract from a natural feel. Consider natural outdoor paving materials such as limestone pavers or travertine paving, or even crushed stone walkways.

Things to Avoid

There are a few things you should avoid when creating a naturalistic backyard:

Don’t Fight Nature

Find a balance between maintaining control of your yard and letting it run wild – a little bit of unruliness goes a long way.

Throw out Your Hedging Shears

Perfectly shaped hedges and bushes take away from a natural feel. Instead, prune by hand to encourage the plant’s natural shape while controlling its growth.

Use Native Plants

Native plants will grow more easily and help your garden to blend into nature more effectively.

To create a natural backyard that is still fit for entertaining, start from the ground up. Our pavers perfectly combine a natural look and a sturdy feel, meaning your natural look will last. To learn more, simply contact our team or request a free quote.