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Invest in European Style with Limestone Pavers

Our Coastal Creations range combines Italian style with the latest and greatest in German technology in order to create stylish, high-quality pavers at competitive prices.

These wet-cast paving stones are made of a number of materials. They are comprised of cement, aggregate, crushed limestone, colour oxides and a chemical that helps reduce efflorescence (a white, powder-like substance, which is salt).

Unlike other wet-cast stones, which can vary in thickness, the pavers in our Coastal Creations range have consistent thickness. This means our pavers provide the most even surface and are much less likely to chip.

The Benefits of Our Coastal Creations Range

These quality products are ideal for those who are seeking durable and long lasting limestone pavers that will also provide an additional aesthetic touch to their outdoor flooring areas. They are suitable for patios, other outdoor living spaces and for pool areas.

Our Tips for Working with Coastal Creations Pavers

  • To make it easy to pick up our products and prevent scratching, stack them flat on the ground, face-to-face and base-to-base, with each level 45° apart.
  • Avoid placing them corner-down in your wheelbarrow as this can cause chips.
  • After you’ve compacted and screeded the bedding sand, use a rake to gently loosen the surface to help embed the pavers.
  • Put white-washed sand on top before the final compaction.
  • Once your pavers have been laid, tape your wheelbarrow’s wheels with gaffer tape to prevent tyre marks.

Contact Atlas Pavers for a free, no obligation quote on our limestone coastal creation range. We are located in Perth.

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Coastal Creations

CR40/CS40 Specs: 350mm x 350mm x 40mm

CR60/CS60 Specs: 350mm x 350mm x 60mm

Finish: Coral Reef & Slate Finish

Available In Beach and Charcoal

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HCR40/HCS40 Specs: 350mm x 175mm x 40mm
HCR60/HCS60 Specs: 350mm x 175mm x 60mm
Finish: Coral Reef/Slate

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Coastal Creation Slate

BCR40/BCS40 Specs: 350mm x 350mm x 40mm
Finish: Coral Reef/Slate

Charcoal colour will be produced on request

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250BCS40 Specs: 250mm x 350mm x 40mm

Finish: Beach

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Bullnose Internal

Finish: Beach

External Bullnose

Finish: Beach

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