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Get Creative with Outdoor Paving

One of the great things about outdoor paving is its versatility. The uses you can find for paving stones range from the very practical to the subtly aesthetic to the downright artistic. We’ve put together some of our favourite ideas for creative ways you can use pavers around your home or business.

Elegant Rustic Outdoor Settings

If you enjoy outdoor dining, board games, or afternoon tea, you can use outdoor paving to beautifully define a space for these activities. First, decide on your choice of outdoor flooring – coloured concrete pavers, natural stone like limestone, or travertine pavers are all wonderful options. Lay these pavers out in a somewhat randomised fashion, leaving space between the pavers for grass or moss to grow. This will create a solid enough space for tables and chairs while giving an impression of unplanned elegance.

Make Your Walkway a Work of Art

Because pavers come in a range of shapes and colours, and can be arranged in any number of ways, they can be used to create eye-catching paths. Arrange your pavers to form repeating patterns, mosaics, even images along your path. This will greatly increase your property’s kerb value and is sure to impress guests.

Go Vertical

While outdoor paving is generally about horizontal applications – paths, driveways, courtyards, and so on – there’s no reason you can’t build with them as well. If you like to entertain in winter you can use the same pavers to build a courtyard and a fire pit to keep guests warm. This will give the impression of your fire pit simply rising out of the courtyard, a very cool look! The same goes for outdoor ovens, pond walls, and other above-ground features. 

Highlight Features of Your Yard

If your backyard includes a feature like a statue or a waterfall, you can use pavers to highlight it. By arranging interlocking, scattered, or fragmented stone or concrete pavers around the object in a circular fashion, you will draw the eye to the feature and frame it in a pleasing way.

The Ultimate Game of Chess

Love playing chess but feel it’s not a visceral enough experience around the dining room table? Use large, square paving stones to create an outdoor chess board. You can either use alternating black and white pavers or let grass stand in for black. Invest in some oversize pieces and you’re ready for a game of full body chess.

Create a Labyrinthine Snack Walk

If regular garden beds and straight paths are a little too boring for you, you can use paving stones to create truly unique gardens. Lay out your pavers in intricate pattern – they can be swirling, angular, whatever you like – and leave enough space to plant veggies, herbs, or even small fruit trees. You can then stroll around your garden and collect ingredients for dinner (or just enjoy a healthy snack).

Outdoor pavers can truly bring your garden and your imagination to life. To get all the pavers you need around Malaga, explore our fantastic range or get in touch with our team to discuss your needs.