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DIY Guides

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DIY Guides

To help you with your paving project, we’ve put together a collection of DIY guides for installation and maintenance of your pavers.

Atlas Paving product brochure
Download our product brochure for information on paver types, colours and applications.

Coastal Creations & Travertine maintenance and cleaning guide
This useful guide contains everything you need to know about keeping your Coastal Creation pavers in perfect condition, from sealant protection to cleaning. Atlas recommends the pavers be sealed by Spirit Sealers

Installation guide
If you’re planning to lay your Atlas Paving pavers yourself, this installation guide will help you get started.

Jointing sand, edge restraints and efflorescence guide
This companion to the installation guide provides more details and tips for jointing sand, edge restraints and efflorescence.

Paving Patterns
View examples of paving patterns here.

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