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The Benefits of Choosing Interlocking Pavers

If you’re thinking of installing a patio, a path or a driveway, you’re probably wondering which paving option is best for you. There are a lot of great reasons to choose interlocking concrete pavers for your needs. They come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and colours and their durability add extra value to your outdoor space. They are also easy to repair, install, and replace and will add kerb value to your property.

Here are some of the best reasons to choose this exciting product.

A Durable and Long Lasting Solution

High quality stone or concrete pavers can last more than 40 years with little to no maintenance. Concrete pavers can even be installed as roads or driveways and last a long time, as they are not adversely affected by heavy loads. If installed correctly, concrete pavers should require little to no future repairs. Because of this, many installers will offer a lifetime or extended warranty on interlocking paver installations.

Easy Installation

Paving stones are made for do-it-yourself installation and interlocking concrete pavers make this process even easier. Each individual stone can be carried by hand, so you don’t need special equipment or workmen. This will save you money, and even if you hire professional to do the installation they’ll be done quicker, meaning lower costs.

Withstanding Freezes and Thaws

Since interlocking pavers are installed on a mortar-less, flexible base, they can withstand freeze-thaw climates by shifting with the ground. This means that they are not susceptible to cracks, unlike poured concrete.

Cracks can be unsightly and treacherous and they also increase your need for replacements, leading to higher overall costs. Interlocking pavers even have an advantage over traditional pavers, as there is no mortar or filling to become cracked.

An Eco-Friendly Solution

By choosing natural stone pavers like limestone or travertine, you will be using a renewable resource. This means you are choosing a paver that is great looking, affordable and good for the environment!

A Plethora of Styling Options

Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, formal or informal, interlocking pavers are available in almost any colour, shape, size, or style imaginable. Any style paver you choose will create an elegant paved area that no stamped concrete could ever imitate.

Easy to Repair

If problems do arise with your paver installation – such as unevenness, stains or chips – repairs are easily made. Simply extract and replace the affected pavers. This also makes repairs very cheap, as you can simply fix or replace one or two affected pavers rather than the whole cement or asphalt slab. You should also be able to do most repairs yourself or have them covered by a warranty, reducing labour costs.

If you want interlocking pavers for your team, contact the team at Atlas Paving today. We have a great range of pavers available and we can even get you started with a free quote.